European Union Prize for Literature

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National juries

Jury composition

Each country sets up a jury reflecting the national peculiarities of the book industry.

EWC, EIBF and FEP coordinate the jury organisation and selection procedures in the participating countries. Jury members are appointed by EIBF, EWC and FEP Members.

In 2019, EWC coordinated the organisation of the juries of Finland, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Romania, EIBF those of France, Italy, Ukraine and UK and FEP those of Austria, Georgia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. 

Juries are chaired by a President in charge of delivering a jury report to the consortium.

At the beginning of the selection procedure, a kick-off meeting takes place in Brussels involving jury coordinators and representatives of the consortium and of the European Commission to explain the different steps of the process.

National juries are composed by a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 members.

Jury reports are delivered in the national language, and translated when possible to English or French. They justify the jury’s choice and provide relevant information on the winner’s work and biography.

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